Online Memorials


2000 - 2011

Since you left my life on March 18 my heart is still broken and I know there will never be another "Scooter." I will forever love you and now have your little paw and your sister's little paw on a silver pendant. I believe that you are saw how broken I was and that you decided you didn't want me to live with those feelings, so I know it was you who led me to a little puppy that you knew needed love and would love me. Thank you my precious. Your little gift has brought some life, laughter and happiness back into the house, but I will never, never forget the 11 years that you and I shared. There will be nothing more special to me than our time together. You can never be replaced. I hope you are playing ball and showing all of your friends just how to do it right. I will love you forever and be forever grateful for your unconditional love for me. You are safe now. Love, Mommy