Online Memorials

Sugar Plum Fairy Phillips

2007 - 2020

July 2007 – May 2020

Sugar Plum Fairy, Suge, Plum Fairy, Little Momma, Bear Bear, or SPF as we called her, was rescued a little shy of her 8th birthday. She had breast cancer and was in bad shape from not being cared for correctly. Dr. Meeker and the team were able to turn her health around and able to provide life-saving medicine which gave her five years of good health. Sugar loved Dr. Meeker, and we are forever indebted to her and the team for the five years of life our SPF had.

Sugar was adored, worshiped, and loved by many. She "called us" Papa and Momma. Sugar loved being the center of attention, ruling over her humans, and her canine siblings. Sugar also loved the beach, car rides, and having her mommy work at home. She was the love of her Momma and Papa lives. Sugar's last wish is that more people would adopt older dogs, as their love is sweeter and more earned.

We hope you traveled well. We will love and miss you until we meet again.


Momma and Papa