Online Memorials

Tigger Lee

2001 - 2018

Words can not even begin to describe our Tigger. He was such a joy and lovable soul!! He could make anyone's day and boy was he a Ladies Man!!! I can remember the day like it was yesterday , the day he was brought into our lives . He was the last of a litter and a huge surprise for me since I had been asking my mom for ever. Lol he was small with the biggest head and paws .. I remember telling my mom he would be a big cat ... And a whopping 25lbs he was !! He was terified of steps probably till he was about a year old. He loved to go for walks ( yup on a leash) Tigger never missed a beat he was always on the edge and ready to pounce. He was our best friend for 16 years ... He was one to Never show pain he would push through it like it was nothing .. that's why during his last few weeks it was harder on us because we knew he would fight till the end!!! And that he did!! To some they are just our pets but to us they are family, His sister Kali the dog is missing him as are we all are ... Untill we meet again !! I love you as do we all !! ... Our memories of him will always live on !! Love Mommy!!!
September 6th, 2001 ~ March 4th, 2018