Online Memorials

Tinker Bell


From a Feral to a Little Princess - The day you chose us as your new adoptive parents was a joyous one. Although we had lost our 5 previous loves, we chose not to be adopted by another pet ever again as the heartaches were too great. My darling Tinker Bell, you warmed our hearts. Even though we found out you had Feline Leukemia, there was no choice to be made, we would give you the best remaining days/months one could ever dream of, a life of a Little Princess. In only 8 short months, the nasty disease took you from us. Those 8 months were joyous though, playing, traveling in the RV, exploring, sleeping together, looking at little lizards, birds, butterflies through the windows, etc., all very very memorable times. You surely left your paw prints all over our hearts as well as our home. You'll never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. You're in Kitty Heaven now, free of pain and suffering. Know that you were loved to the umpteenth degree and you suffered no horrible death of a feral. Till we meet again....