Online Memorials



My Sweetest Puppy in the Whole Wide World - Victor was a special gift from God. He thinks that I was the one rescuing him, but really HE rescued ME. He had a rough start, being rescued by a man named Victor from a dog fighting house, tied to tree and left to die. I took him home & nothing was ever the same again. This sweet boy, w/amazing spirit & huge brown eyes, was a gift from God, a reminder everyday of God's unconditional love. Victor was my love for over 16 years while I was single & no kids. I always said he was exactly what I wanted in a man. Always greeting me w/kisses & joy.

A fighter even to the very end. You would never have known he's in pain, always wagging that tail & eating like it was his last meal. In his final week the problems intensified & when HIS tail didn't wag anymore we knew our Victor had a problem (advanced cancer) & only lived 2 more weeks. When my sweet boy was fading away his tail was wagging one last time. I believe it was to let Mommy know that everything was going to be okay & that he loved me.