Online Memorials


1982 - 2009

In tribute and in loving memory of my beloved and special Morgan mare, Corky. You are always in my heart and always will be in my thoughts with memories. You are greatly missed, words can't express how much - even more now than when you were here. The things I miss most are hearing you nicker when you turned around and looked at me with your soft eyes with a twinkle. You were always there for me and I was always there for you. I miss giving you a hug and smelling your coat, saying "mommy loves you." Perhaps the stars are actual openings in heaven where our pets are looking through and watching us. The Angels, God and spirits know we will be together. When they sound the trumpets with a joyous sound, we will be together at the Rainbow Bridge where I'll give you a big hug and an apple, knowing we will be together to ride in the beautiful meadows and gardens forever.