Online Memorials


2008 - 2019

My Little One. My World. My Best Friend. You will never truly know just how special you were to not only me, but everyone you met. Your energy and love filled a room. You always thought you were human and that everything was yours - ultimately, it always was :). Thank you for always letting me steal forehead kisses from you every day, waking me up in the mornings by placing your little head on my cheek, pawing my face closer so you could kiss me, staring at me with your perfect little eyes to calm me down, and most importantly, being the bestest friend I'll ever have. Your love for me was like nothing anyone had ever seen - that's why everyone always said "she isn't right". There will never be a greater bond than the one you and I shared. Your love for bunnies, squirrels, trees, cheese, sausage, chicken, girl scout thin mints, and your little lamb, will always be remembered. Little lamb will sit by your side forever and forever close to me. Always remember you were the best friend, and that you were loved more than anything in my life. "If love could've saved you, you would've lived forever". Love always, your best friends - Mom (Kristy), Dad (Andy), and Bruiser. We miss you, Little One.