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2002 - 2014

Bosco “Nardy Doot” Quinn

September 15th, 2002
December 6, 2014


The glue that kept us together…

On November 15th, 2002, we were fortunate enough to choose one of the best dogs this family has ever seen. Bosco is the greatest family dog a person could possibly ask for. Today we will sadly have to say goodbye. Bosco has bone cancer, and I literally tried everything—natural treatments—to save him. I am now 25, but I grew up with Bosco as a teenager and a young adult.
I know from experience how important it is to have a companion during these challenging times. High school and college were not easy times for me, and taking Bosco on walks; running with him; playing fetch with him and so many other activities helped me reduce stress during my times of depression.
He always let us know when he wanted to go for a walk, or when he wanted to eat. He was a vocal boy who never let things go unsaid. I will miss his bark dearly, and will never get over his vocal presence.