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Bruce All Mighty


Few times in our lives are we allowed to experience completely unconditional love. One of the truest love of our lives has past. Bruce left us about 2’ish Saturday afternoon, 07-27-13. We went for a ride and shared the Taco Bell drive thru, we were together and he suffered only minor discomfort.

He was a rescue so we have no knowledge of his age or his past. He came into our lives June 6th 2007. From the beginning he brought smiles to many faces and warmed the hearts of those around him. While he was only four pounds, his name was Bruce All Mighty for a reason. Right up to this morning when he chased two church women off the front porch.

I guess if I try to end this with a smile, I have to imagine about now he's asking "do I get my balls back?"

Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank-you Hannah & Bill