Online Memorials

Cainey Goines

2009 - 2020

My beautiful, handsome man has been taking life head on with me since birth almost 11 years ago. On Monday, October 19th, 2020, we rallied one last time as he took his final ride. In normal fashion we gave it a good fight and I’m proud to say mommy’s baby boy went out on his feet, with his head held high and his sweatshirt that reads “security” on his back. Although I will always miss his snuggles, how excited he gets when I arrive home, and how he made sure everyone knew their meals should be shared. Cainey was and always will be my shadow and the biggest part of me. By his example, I will find the strength to hold my head high and carry on. I couldn’t be more proud to call such a sweet, snuggly, lovey baby doggy my son. It has been an honor and he will continue to be deeply loved and missed by all who knew him. He leaves behind a mommy, “Gammas”, “Gamommie”, Uncle Jordy, Tayer, Funky Nel & cousins Toto, Jameson, Saint, & Scarlet. We lay down your torch knowing that you carried it with dignity and esteem. You will continue to be felt every time the sun shines bright in your favorite spots and the curtains flap in the breeze, tickling your nose. Rest in paradise mommy’s sweet stinky butt baby. Gone but NEVER forgotten.