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2004 - 2019


Our sweet, bouncy, floppy eared, bowling ball, Manchester terrier passed away yesterday after a very long and wonderful life, full of chasing geese flying 30 ft in the air, rolling around in the dirt, digging holes in the Georgia Clay the live dirt in her nostrils, chasing Chipmunks without success, hoarding all kinds of odds and ends in her kennel, and jumping 5 feet straight up in the air when she wanted to be let back in the house after romping around in her backyard. Dobey was named because she always look like a miniature Doberman Pinscher and like Dobby from Harry Potter. Dobey was loved and letting her go to be with her friends broke our hearts. We only hope that when she crossed the rainbow bridge that she found all the geese, Chipmunks and sunshine to make her eternally happy.

She gave more love than we could have ever given her and we will always miss our little Dobey.

June 6, 2004-August 18, 2019