Online Memorials

Doncyn Black

1999 - 2012

The moment we saw you, your spirit helped us to grow and understand what caring and loving for others was meant to be. Through your puppy years, your mischief made us giggle or understand that you needed our attention. In the golden years, you helped us learn that caring for someone is a genuine kindness and respect for those who we love.

The last couple of years have been difficult for you, but I was proud of your strength and courage to try and live life every day to the fullest. Each day you greeted me with eagerness to show me love and this I will remember always. In the last few weeks, I saw your pain and thank the Lord you were with me all these years and beside you when he said it was time. I will always love you and remember you, my friend for all these times. You helped me become who I am today. Thank you.