Online Memorials


2019 - 2019

I only had you for two months, but I waited so long to find you. When I held you, you made me feel safe and loved. You were my babygirl, and I could tell you loved me as much as I loved you. I can only hope that fate brought us together so that your inevitably short life was the best life a little kitten could have. You were my world, and I wish I could have saved you. It only took one week for the illness to take you after we had learned about it. I tried and tried to help you fight that nasty disease little girl, but in the end I could tell you were tired. You kept telling me you didn’t feel good. I knew that baby girl, so I kissed your head and told you I loved you while the doctor helped you fall into a painless sleep. I still see your beautiful face and eyes in my dreams and I’m thankful for that. I still hear you talking to me, I can almost feel your fur. You look happy and healthy in my dreams, and you’ve grown. I hope wherever you are spending eternity is just as elegant as you are. Wait for me baby, I’ll be there eventually. I can’t wait to hold you again. I love you with all my heart. You are the best kitty ever.