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My Lifeline/My Best Buddy/My Friend - I never owned a pet outside of goldfish before, but my Shih Tzu, Gizmo made it so easy. His first few months were hard, but he had patience with me while I learned that not all living creatures can potty on demand. Gizmo picked me one Saturday morning a year after my Mother's passing when I was in a terrible depression. I wouldn't leave the house except to work and slept all the time. Gizmo saw me, jumped into my arms and heart. Evenings and weekends were our time and where I went, Gizmo went along. If he wasn't welcomed, I didn't go in. He's been gone 3 months now and I'm so lost and lonely. Weekends and evenings are the pits. I love you and miss you more than I can share, Gizmo! Have your picture with me always in my purse and your collar always on my arm!