Online Memorials

Gracie Bear

2000 - 2011

As a dog rejected by it's mother, I took you in 11 years ago, not knowing what a whirlwind of excitement you would be. Always looking for adventure, you tore up 3 couches (one I spent 2 years paying for), and 3 pairs of glasses that were thankfully under warranty. Eventually, you calmed down and became the best dog ever. You were my best friend, an 85 lb. scaredy cat, afraid of crickets even, but when faced with danger would put yourself in front of me shaking like a leaf, but ready to take on whatever was coming. You loved babies of all kinds, watching over my daughter. I always said you were partners in crime. You loved to lay down and snuggle with our pet rats and licked them just like they were your own. I know that you would have wanted to stay with us forever, but since you were in pain, I had to set you free. We will meet again, Gracie. Thanks for being a part of our lives. It's an honor to have cared for you just as you cared for us. We love you Gracie Bear!