Online Memorials


For my Haze RIP from all who loved you.
Thank you Haze for the wonderful years of love and happiness you have given to all of us. You were a special breed a breed that loved everyone and everything. You bought joy and happiness to all those you knew and all those that took care of you when we went away and was always a good girl. We rescued you and took you into our home not knowing the joy you would bring us in the 12 years you were here. Daddy will miss you not being at the door when I get home daddy will miss your the werewolf noise you liked to do when I took your toy to play. We are grateful for all the years of happiness and the true Loyal companion you were to us all and most of all to Jack who misses you so much as well. Thank you Haze daddy and mom will never ever forget you and all the wonderful things we all shared when you were here with us. You are the bravest dog in the whole wide world and you fought a good fight to the end. When daddy and mom saw that you were not getting better it was time to let you get your rest, We did not want to see you suffer any more and we knew you were in lots of pain and you really tried your best. We know you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge the sun is out just like you bought light into the home. Your Brauilio misses you as well he is heart broken and was sadden to here what happen to you and cried the whole night. He is going to miss Christmas the most when he saw you open your present. YOU bought much joy and happiness to our family and everyone loved you Haze, Sorry but daddy mom and Jack just miss you so much RIP 3/25/200-8/29/2012
Wanted to say thank you to All the wonderful Doctors and stall members at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists. Would also like to say thank you to Lake Jesup Animal Hospital Dr. Griffith and the wonderful staff at the office who took care of Haze as well. Thank you Lauren thank you Linsey thank you Dr. Westbrook thank you DR Laslo and thank you to ALL the staff members for trying their best. Thank you Bill at Pet Angel it was a pleasure speaking to you as well my Haze will be in your hands for her Final resting free of pain and suffering. Thank you to all we are sadden and missing Haze