Online Memorials

Henry Crawley

2003 - 2015

Henry was the most personable cat I have ever met - sweet & loving of everybody, a 17 lb ball of purring orange love. Sadly, Henry's heart wasn't as strong as his big beautiful body and he succumbed to HCM.

He was my friend & companion for 11 years. Whether it was cooking, watching TV or bedtime, Henry was by my side. Never a scratch or a hiss from this sweet boy towards any human he had ever met. A talker & a drooler, his toothless grin made everyone smile. He loved being brushed & being shorn like a lion in summers. He loved kisses & hugs and would lick your arm off with his own slobbery sand-papery kisses that would last all day if you let him. He came when called & sat for his cookie treats - such a polite boy. He lived to get loved on, and gave so much love back.

Henry will forever be missed by his family, and everyone he has ever met. His fur-sister Lily is sad & missing his presence. And my heart will forever have a piece missing & a lump in my throat when thinking of him.