Online Memorials


Today the Sims' have heavy hearts as we had to say goodbye to our beloved Hoover, who passed away lying next to Nolan's bed early this morning. He did it in true Hoover fashion.
He was my running buddy and the most trainable dog I have ever had. I got him from Brad Maples, so thank you Brad for giving me the opportunity to find have a new buddy.
Up until kids Hoover would sleep with Amy Harris Sims and I. I cuddled with him I think more than Amy, is our joke. He was always by my side and when Nolan came along the torch was passed to him. That was Hoover's number one buddy.
So for the last time, we love you Hoover Doover and you will always be remembered and keep God company, I will see you in heaven one day, where we can go for another run together.
You have no idea how much you touched our hearts, you will be missed.