Online Memorials


2002 - 2013

Ischgl our beloved boy. The most perfect gift - the gift I never expected to receive! Your dad to be had said " no more boys" and then I saw you sitting at HAWS & thought he is the most beautiful boy I have seen - so sad & so gentle. I begged your dad to come & see you & he did & the minute he set eyes on you, he said "he doesn't belong here." And we took you home! What a joy you were all the days we were blessed by having you in our lives. You truly must be one of the gentlest boys who ever lived. You loved us all - you followed your 4 legged sisters whenever they led you - and sometimes they led you away from the safety of home, but we always got you back despite your misadventures, which were never of your doing ...until you eventually died safely at home after your brief battle with liver cancer. There are no words to describe how you are missed, my boy. We thank you for the 11 years of utter joy you gave us. There never was a sweeter boy who ever lived.