Online Memorials



To Jamie, my sweet porch cat: I am so sorry that the stray dog attacked you so viciously and I am sorry that, no matter how hard I fought him, I could not get him off of you soon enough. I'm sorry that your life could not be saved by the vet, and that you had to die so needlessly. I am thankful that you were my little friend on the porch for years, and that I got to hold you in your final moments. As promised, I brought your little daughter inside and I will give her a happy and SAFE life, like I wish I could have given you. I love you, Jamie. My porch is so empty without your sweet little meow and your sweet face. You will always be missed. Special thanks to the folks at VCA West 86th Street Animal Hospital for treating Jamie so kindly and for giving her a dignified passing, to the Butler IMPD officers who came to help, the Animal Control officer who treated the dog with dignity as well, and to the neighbor who came out to help us.