Online Memorials

Josie Lynn Chearney

2001 - 2014

Time does not heal my heartbreak, Josie Lynn Chearney - The scurry of a squirrel. The rustling of a leaf. The rib-bit of a frog. The kiss of the warm sun. The glow of a full moon. The rampage of thunder and rain. So many things gently remind me that you're near, sweet girl. Your brothers and I long for your gentle, dainty kisses. We miss your proper posture and leg crossing. Oh how we would love to have our home filled with your excited piggy squeal for just one more sweet second!

Time does not heal my heartbreak, sweet Josie Lynn. It just further cements my love for you. It solidifies my faith that we will run free together again when I join you and your new friends over the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest easy, best girl. You are truly one of a kind.