Online Memorials


2003 - 2017

There is an empty space where you used to lay your head. I long to see you there again, to touch your soft white wavy hair, to have your eyes upon me following me to every corner of the room. Our dinners will never be the same without you standing by hoping for a morsel of food that you know i will share. My bed is cold and I wake up every morning looking for you and the. o remember that you aren’t there. And even as I wrote these words I cry for the longing of you. But I am happy for you my precious angel that I did it all for you and you alone to decide your final sleep so you never had to feel your pain again not would ever have to struggle to find your breath. I took it all for you so you could rest forever in peace. You stayed alive for me, that I am sure so it was me who had to say the final good bye it was me who had to take care of you to the very end to make sure that all was done in peace. You let me know that day that you were ready too as I held your tiny body and you let me know that you would let go of this world as I asked you to but not me because we will see each other again as I promised, some day for sure and we will spend the rest of our days together in paradise where I pray god is with you and you will be waiting for me to spend all eternity. My heart is broken beyond repair yet I am grateful for the the greatest gift of love that I will ever know in you. Rest rest my sweet darling you will dwell with me in my soul forever along with that empty space where you used to lay your head.