Online Memorials

Louie “Big Lou”

2006 - 2013

REST IN PEACE - LOUIE - "BIG LOU" - Hey Big Boy, missing you so bad. Difficult to start the day without you there listening to me talk to the tv news channel. You and I could solve world problems every morning over breakfast. You are loved by so many people, Luke, Dakota, Kaleb, and your Grandma. Not to mention guys at the VA wanting to know "how's that dog?" Thanks to Luke for letting me "watch you" for 7+ years, & thanks to Mom-Mom taking good care of you while I was away. You were always my best good buddy, and no one will ever forget you. I know that you are now running free and are having a great time with some new friends. You went through A LOT and my hope is that you can run and hunt freely to your heart's content. Who knows, maybe you could actually take some time to learn how to swim, I know, not a big fan of the water after that first step off the rock in the river. On behalf of everyone, stay free, and WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH.
Love, Terry, Luke, Dakota, Kaleb, and Mom-Mom.