Online Memorials


1999 - 2013

You came to me on Easter Sunday, 2002, which I am sure was a gift from GOD. I found you outside and you had been bitten by a rattle snake. I brought you to my vet on Monday with no name. That's when you were given the name Lucky. You survived that with no problems. Thanks to God and a great vet. You were always my special man. I loved you with all my heart and will continue to. It was extremely hard for me to make the decision to let you go, but I couldn't let you stay with all that pain. So I let God have you until we meet again at that beautiful Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and still cry every time I think about you. You were, and always will be, my special man. They say men don't cry - bull, I cried like a baby when you took your last breath. I'm proud to have such a love for a great dog. I will never forget you and I know you will never forget me. I love you so much, Lucky, and miss you terribly.
Love Always--Daddy :(