Online Memorials

Maggie Sue

1994 - 2011

Dearest Maggie Moo Moo,

You captured Daddy's heart 17 years ago from the moment he laid his eyes on you at The Humane Society. You were the sweetest and the most beautiful Rat Terrier he has ever seen. You did the same to your Mama when I met you 12 years later. Our first Christmas together as a family was unforgettable. We got you a huge bone and you carried it with glee. It was gone in 2 days! Our trip to Disney with your little sister Annie was one of our most cherished memories. You and little Annie the Yorkie had a blast in your own bed. We didn't want that vacation to ever end. We miss you dearly and although we are heartbroken by your passing, it gives us comfort and peace that you have forever left a paw-shaped mark in our hearts and we know that someday, we will all see each other at "The Rainbow Bridge." ♥♥♥ "The best place to bury a great dog is in her family's hearts". ♥♥♥ WE L♥VE YOU, MAGGIE!