Online Memorials


1994 - 2011

Max Cat, rode in the car and danced to Domino on the radio

You came into my life on 4/14/94, snuggling under my chin as I held you for the first time. You left my life like you came in, snuggling under my chin. I am so sad a cat’s life cannot match the time of a human’s life. But I know we were really lucky to have each other for as many years as we did. Dr. K said you were a miracle cat. I said you had a will to live because you knew you were loved. He said there was definitely something to that. But alas, the day came when CRF was just too much for your little body to overcome, even though your spirit never tired and you tried your best to the end. I lost you on 1/14/11 when we slipped you into peaceful sleep. I’ve loved and cherished every minute I was blessed to have your life a part of mine. I love you, Max. Wait for me in heaven. I know I will see you there.