Online Memorials

Mister “Bub”


No matter where he was in the room I could yell come give Mommy a kiss and he would come running. Even in his later years of 13 he still came running. When he ran I always looked at my husband and said, he runs and looks like a stallion. He was Black Lab and Giant Schnauzer. Not only the Best Pet I have had; he acted better than my children did. He slept in bed with us at 70 lbs. and snored like no tomorrow and took up most of the bed. We love him; he was our son; part of the family and we will miss him. He tolerated all the other dogs we brought in and he outlived them all and surpassed the age charts for a dog his size as our vet has said. That's Bella in the picture (our newest addition) giving him a kiss. She knew he wasn't feeling well and tried to comfort him. They Know!!!! Mister, our son, you will be in our memories forever. We love you - rest peacefully.
Mom, Dad, Melissa and Bella