Online Memorials

Mookie Diener


Where to begin? We got him in 2006 from Casadeltora-indypit crew. I met him where I worked at the time. He was a great dog there - got along with dogs. He liked my dog at the time and my kids too. He came to us and he loved to play. There were times when we were sad and he knew it and he would do something to make us smile. He loved car rides and going to DQ. He also loved to swim and he thought the geese and ducks were his friends. He was left tied to a tree when the rescue found him and they also had a pet goose. So that's why he thought they all were his friends. The house is not the same. We miss his smile when he would get excited. I also miss the way he would sing for food or just with us. It has been really lonely at night - no one to warm up to and cuddle with. So we all miss his little things he did. He will never be forgotten. Until we meet again. . . love mom, Kirk, Tiff, Jc and Faith. Also all of your friends, dogs, cats and a bunch of humans. RIP Mook-man