Online Memorials


2009 - 2019

Neko died peacefully in his cage on Friday, September 20, 2019. Neko was adopted by his mother on April 11, 2009. Neko arrived in our home being able to jump gates, destroying shoes, paper and ruling the neighborhood. Neko resisted building relationships with strangers he came in contact with, including the UPS and Fed EX drivers. He had many hobbies. Some of his favorite activities included barking, chasing people, biting ankles, running away from home, digging into the trash cans, bursting through the neighbor’s door to jumping in the tub while children bathe in addition to cuddling alongside you. In his spare time, Neko would chase rabbits, squirrels and leaves that blew in the yard. The quickest way to his heart is rubbing his tummy and giving him treats.

Neko will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom. Throughout their ups and down, she loved him with all her heart, and though the pain she feels losing him is great, in no way it would compare to having never met him. Besides his mother, Neko leaves behind his Best Buddy- Jayden, Sisters- Buns, Sharron (Fur Sister Hazel), Brother-Buster several Aunties, and a host of other amazing friends and family. Neko was preceded in death by his Fur cousin Deoji. Neko will be truly missed my many.