Online Memorials


2003 - 2011

My Peachy Pie, you left this world too soon, but you made my life better. You were there when I moved 1000 miles away for my new job. You comforted me when I had no one else. I miss you greeting me at the door when I got home. I miss our hide & seek game, when I would say “Where’s Peaches?” & you would pop out from behind the shower curtain & meow at me. And even though I couldn’t stand it, I miss you licking the water off my feet when I got out of the shower & you carrying “rattle mouse” around & howling until Coda attacked you & I had to get out of bed to make sure everything was alright. I miss you “petting” my leg to get my attention & throwing yourself on the ground and stretching so I would rub your belly. October was a terrible month for both of us - full of ups & downs with lots of sadness sprinkled with hope. That last week you tried so hard to do all the things I listed above that I miss so much - I thank you for that & always being there for me.
Love always, Mindy