Online Memorials

Peanut Wright

2002 - 2017

Peanut was born on December 8th, 2002 just two days after my 8th birthday. My grandma gave him to me just a few weeks after his birth and I still remember her describing what he looked like to me over the phone (as he came from her coworkers litter of puppies). I got him during my dad's first deployment and although he didn't want anyone to get a dog while he was gone, he and everyone else soon fell for the sweet boy. Peanut was such a charmer. He had a huge personality, he was hilarious, and he was always emotionally connected. He turned from an energetic puppy to a grumpy old man and I still thought he was perfect even as an old grouch. He loved cuddling, sleeping, going on walks, and most of all eating nighttime snacks (especially doritos and cheez-its).
The day he passed my heart was shattered. I gave my baby my whole heart. He was truly my dog soul mate, I was perfect for him and he was perfect for me. For years I have cried with my dear Peanut just knowing that one day he will leave me and now he really is gone. He used to lick my tears away but at the end he took his nose and rubbed it against my nose.
He passed only a few weeks from his 15th birthday. Almost 15 years may be a long time but it's nowhere near long enough. He was found to have lung cancer months ago and I struggled to keep him alive and comfortable through pneumonia and severe arthritis the past few months. I got him on a pill that I presumed to be a miracle drug. I was excited thinking we would get to celebrate his 15th birthday on December 8th, take Christmas card photos, take one of those dog DNA test, and have one last Christmas together. Despite the medicine, he suffered a stroke, paralyzing his front legs as well as causing other issues. I have prayed for years that I could be with him when he passed and luckily I did have that blessing.
I know that not everyone has had the opportunity to connect to a dog or animal so deeply and I don't know if I ever will again. But it is a beautiful thing knowing that I had a bond so powerful with one of God's other creatures. He is now with Jesus, Pap, and his old beagle sister, Danny.