Online Memorials

Princess Molly (“Shnubbers”)

2007 - 2011

To our sweet baby,
Words cannot express the enormous pain and sorrow we feel from losing you. The world has been robbed of a truly unique and special little girl. In you there was no malice, only an endless amount of love and zeal for life. Your kisses were always freely given and your playfulness was inexhaustible. One could see a smile on your face as you proudly pranced.
We will miss you all our days but we are so grateful that you were ours for three wonderful years. You brought us closer together, brought joy to our home and prepared us for parenthood. We were so excited that our new baby would get to grow up with you. But your liver was just too sick, honey. Please know that we tried to protect you to the very end and that we are so sorry we couldn't make you well. We find solace only in this: that our lives are forever better from having you and that we will see your precious soul again.
All our love, Mommy and Daddy