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1994 - 2013

My Sammi girl...October 31, 1994 - June 22, 2013

Sammi, you, like all the others who have come into our family were someone else's throw-away. When you had your first stroke, we did what we felt you deserved, time to heal and see how you were afterwards. You came out walking a little funny, but you were still our Sammi. The second stroke, we did the same, time to heal and you were fine, still our Sammi. The third one, however, was more than your little body could take, we gave you time to heal, but your little body just couldn't recuperate. You were so relaxed that last morning at Dr. Sullivan's office, that I knew you were ready. Although it was very hard to do, you gave me the strength to do what we had to do. We had to say good-bye and send you on your way to be with Jerry and Charlie at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are, once again, that young little spitfire that I brought home that December day all those years ago.....I miss you Sammi....
Love, Mom