Online Memorials



Sandy Girl, our hearts are shattered into a million pieces with you gone! You left us so suddenly but you gave us 15 amazing years! Joshie’s ”Sweet Little Puppy” Lacey’s “Goober/Playmate” & Mommie & Daddies “Sweet/Pretty/Baby Girl.” You kept us laughing, protected, loved & comforted. We miss hearing your “click, click, click” & “plops”! We miss feeling your silky fur & gazing into your loving, piercing & intelligent brown eyes! We miss you lying at our feet taking turns! We miss seeing you at the top & bottom of the stairs! We miss your loud bark & eager greeting at the front door! We miss telling you good morning, good night, hello & goodbye before anyone else! We miss your shoulder to cry on, your hugs, kisses, & snuggles. We miss your begging in the kitchen & you lying in the office or when I get ready. We miss your smell & your touch! The house is terribly quiet & alone - it will never be the same without you! There will never be another you! We Love you so much! See you soon girly!