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i remember her
i remember that one day she caught a rat and then killed it and i went to grab it and throw it for her only to realize it wasn't a toy...
i remember that one night she tried to eat a my mom started throwing everything at her to get her away from the possum.....from hangers to chairs...from shoes to
i remember those days we went swimming together
i remember going on boat rides with her
i remember those days she ate my mom's clothes, shoes, and everything, you name it..
i remember those days she pulled me...on walks
i remember those days she wagged her tail when i came home
i remember when i lived in a dorm for 5 months...i finally came back and she was sooooooooooooooooo happy to see me
i remember she cried when i left
i remember i cried when she left
i remember her
dedicated to sunshine markle
a dog angel too soon. ♥ :(