Online Memorials


2009 - 2011

We got Snoopy when he was just a pup. He was only 6-8 weeks old. We had him until he was 3 years old. We tried to find him a home because we were moving and could not have him at our new place. No one wanted him so I had to give him to animal control. I called to see if he had been adopted because he was a small breed, only to be told he was put to sleep because no one wanted to adopt a half blind 3 year old dog. I cried and cried and still cry. Snoopy was born Jan. 13,2009 and went to Heaven on March 23,2011. You will be missed, Snoopy, and I am so so so sorry I could not find you a home :(:(:( This picture is of him with my kids when we first got him.