Online Memorials



Rest in peace my beautiful Sox - Today I had to say goodbye to my beautiful baby boy. If any of you know me, you know that Sox is my world. He is the smartest, most handsome, kindest kitty I know. And it all started because you wrapped your arms around me as I took you home from my little brother's bus stop. You were not like any cat I had ever met; you drank from the faucet because you refused to drink from a public water bowl, you ate with your paws, you even opened doors. As much as people talked about cats being curious and clever, I had never seen any like you. You were constantly attached to my hip. If I cried, you banged your head up against mine and refused to allow me any space in bed. There was no doubt about it that you and I had a special, amazing bond. So when I moved, there was not even a thought that you wouldn't come with me. There you would wait for me to come home at the door and love all over me. You are and will always be my baby, my mountain lion, my best friend.