Online Memorials

Stewart Michael Gregory


You are a true ANGEL like Nancy Wilson sang; "When did you leave heaven." You never chewed up anything that wasn't yours, you never got in the trash can, you never had an accident in the house, but you were always there for me after I had a hard day at the office. You were always there to crawl under the covers and keep daddy's feet warm on those cold nights. And you were there to help daddy feel safer after that bad person broke into our house.
You brought daddy so much joy and happiness and even though I will miss having you around day to day I know that you are having fun with "Lewis" and "JD" playing ball and tug of war with the blankie. Don't let JD cheat because we know he would always peak during our hide and seek games. Don't forget you have to share your mini carrots with them and no more than one peanut butter treat a day. So now it's not time to say good bye, but thank you for being my best friend, for loving me unconditionally and always being there.
Daddy David