Online Memorials


2001 - 2019

We were very blessed to witness Sugar being born. Our son's each got to keep a kitten from the litter. In the 18 years we cared for Sugar she was sweet and cuddly and the most affectionate feline we have ever known. She lived happily on a farm with her Sister and Mother and enjoyed prancing outside and basking in the sun.
Sugar loved guests to our home and was taught to greet by butt heads by our eldest son. This is the way she welcomed others. She allowed for others to cuddle and hold her for hours and purred so loud one could hear her from across the room.
We brought her inside when we relocated and for years she would go outside on the sundeck and drink up the sun on her coat. She was playful and loved laser light and tiny stuffed mice. At Christmas we would wrap her gifts in tissue and put cat nip on top of the new toy inside. She would open her gifts and showed other kittens that also became family how to get to the cat nip covered toy.
Sugar became close to me because I fed her, spent time with her, and trained her. She came when called by name, she climbed into bed with us on cold winter nights, she loved the children and played along side them, and she was immaculate in her grooming of herself and others.
Sugar's remains are being cremated today, 8/13/2019. We have so many fond memories of our unconditionally loving fur baby. We feel so blessed because if it was her job to provide companionship, comfort, and love to us; she exceeded her job. In death and in her life we knew she was sacred and a gift from the Holy. As we send her off with a group of her peers we know that something really beautiful will happen at Angel Memorial and we know it will be because of her abiding love,
Thank you to the Divine for allow us nearly 18 years with her. Rainbow Bridge is open today and she will see her Mother, Oreo and Sister, Hershey today.
The companionship, affection, and love she personified in her tiny little body can never be replaced. We are so grateful to have been her family.
Michael, Sean, Bob, and Joanne