Online Memorials

Sweet Libby

1998 - 2011

Libby was 4 lbs. of pure love. We adopted her at age 11 and had her for 2 years. She suffered CRF, but was so happy despite being so ill. She greeted us each morning at the bedroom door for her morning loving. When she was well, she stayed near one of us at all times, but was happiest when she was being held. If she thought she was being ignored, she went to the shower and waited for one of us to come get her.
So sick, but so sweet! There will never be another like her!
Libby is in a better place now, but our world is a little less bright because she isn't here; a little more lonely without her to love; a little less happy without her. I hope she knew she was loved; adored; cared for to the best of our abilities.
Libby is with Fannie now who, even though she didn't care for cats, will take care of her because she was ours, until we are all together again.
Rest in Peace Libby - you are missed.

August 30, 2011 - Dear sweet Libby came home today for the final time. She and I had made so many visits to the vet's office over the past two years, but no more. She came home for the final time, never to have to leave again. The people at Pet Angel did a wonderful job; Dr. Julia Stege and the staff at Timberlane Animal Hospital were so thoughtful and kind, to both Libby and me. Thank you all, and Libby is now home again, finally.