Online Memorials

The Biscuit

2001 - 2019

As we watch the crazy April snowstorm that you sent to let us know how happy you are, we reflect on our many blessings from you. We are thankful for your spirit, your guidance, your role in our lives as soulmate, bodhisattva, best friend, family, teacher, and loving companion. Now we have to learn to be, without the B.

You taught your mom:
Patience, compassion, unconditional love…taught me that we can be strong enough to still be kind, even when faced with great challenges, to embrace joy each and every day, to meet ourselves where we are and enjoy the present moment. You taught me what it means to be beautiful.

You taught your dad:
Biscuit taught me how to look inside myself and to take note of the things that matter. She taught me how to slow down and look around (learned this mainly because she stopped to pee on everything as we walked).

Thank you for choosing us.