Online Memorials

Tobin Laurie B

2001 - 2017

Empty places in every room, with only shadows of wishes that you may appear. Now we feel your love which fills the air in the empty spaces of this lonely house. You followed our every step, from room to room, with pride and a dutiful eye, giving affectionate nudges and big hugs. You were the most loving caregiver,  tirelessly, and persistently, in the knowing of what was needed. Little Kitty Tobin", Nurse Mieslinggale, as we so fondly called you. You, the brave one, so generous, so Angelic, so kind. You always have your love, kindness and your loyalty was unparalleled.  You were our daughter, the regal ruler of our domain, the queen of our home. Our hearts are broken In two... as we miss your everywhere presence,  your love, your angelic healing spirit... Though we know you have journeyed into the Angel Realm Of Light, to keep watch over us and your twin brother Albert, the void is inexplicable.  While so far out of reach from our embrace... hear our prayers for you and feel our love and gratitude for our time together, and all that you are and all that you gave. Having spent the last 15.5 years with you was such a blessing, an honor and a treasured gift. You were sent by Angels, and now have been called back to the Angel Realm. Feel  our love for you, but not our pain from the grieving tears we cry. It is empty in all of your cozy spaces and nobody can ever fulfill the place you hold in our hearts. We have the forever memories, etched in our hearts, of  your beautiful, sweet, sweet face, your twinkling green eyes, your precious milky mouth, your special hugs and kisses, and your built in timer for a 6:30 pm dinner feast... Love is forever that's for sure... it's just this loss of holding you and touching you, being with you everyday, that we must somehow learn to endure. Give it all away...
These feelings of missing you when gone, brings great pain to us that remain in the earthly realm. Albert is tirelessly looking for you, screaming out, hello! He's never been away from you for more than a few hours during your lives. Never will you leave our thoughts, never will you lose our timeless love, and forever will our Souls be joined, entwined in a silver cord of eternal togetherness. Until we meet again, with instant recognition, we will know we have found our Little Kitty Angel ...
Tied by an intuitive understanding between us, no explanation needed, just the unexplained rapid departure of your Journey, which we must learn to accept...
As we are waiting for you to come back home, we give it all to God to wrap you in his love and grace! The thought of missing the smile of  your little white milkey mouth, and seeing your face upon first awakening each morning, and feeling your warm embrace each night, the last memory, as you purred me to sleep, is a such a painful void, that spoken words cannot express.
Never will you leave me...
Our hearts are broken in two! Without you here to work your magic with your gifted little hands, giving endless,  sweet, healing embraces, it is the harsh reality we now know, as you had to  journey on.
Only these words spoken as a tribute to you, that I know you can hear as they resonate in Heaven, for  your healing, the unconditional love for each of us that remain in our home missing you. Love always surrenders, to the understanding that someday we must give it all away!!! 
Your spirit is forever present, and your Soul is aware, that we will never give away the love we shared with you, which you will see as you watch over us from above. This space we are in, with an empty void, is forever your home.
You are a truly enlightened spirit and you departed in the most heroic way, showing us true love with your last gaze and last embrace. 
Forever missing you in the now of each and everyday, but knowing that you will always be just around the corner, playing funny Little Kitty games, will always keep us watching for you! 
 I know you will always be watching over us from Heaven, protecting and loyal, as you were the best companion anyone could dream of sharing life with. It has been an immeasurable honor to have spent 15.5 treasured years with you. We love you Little Kitty Tobin, run free and happy amongst the rainbows and stars...we await your visits, special one!!! Be free and in peace and know that we understand, that you would have stayed if you were able. Rest In Peace with the knowing that we are better for having you in our family. Forever Love can't be taken away, even by separation between Heaven and Earth. With great love, respect and prayers, we lay you to rest today.