Online Memorials


2007 - 2019

Tosh, my handsome little boy, the love of my life. I was the first person to ever hold you on the day you were born. It was love at first sight, from that moment on we were never part a single day. There were times that I felt we were the worst parent and you continue to love me. On the night that you passed away when I picked you up and you saw that it was your mama you breathed a final sigh of relief put your head on my shoulder and passed away you knew as long as you were in your mama's arms you were safe. No matter how bad my day was what I was upset about all you had to do was look at me in touch me with your little paw and it made everything better at that moment nothing else in the world mattered. People say that with time you get over it no you never get over it you can only learn to live with a broken heart time does not heal all wounds I will never learn to deal with losing the love of my life your sister Chloe in your brother Hans miss you your Daddy Steffen misses you and of course your mama Whitley I miss you the most.