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2010 - 2019

In Memory of William
2010 - September 22, 2019

Willie, aka Steamboat Willie, aka William, aka Willer, aka Sweet William, aka Willie Wiles

Our sweet pup was actually slated to be put to sleep August 17, 2013, which is the day we rescued him from a neighboring municipal shelter which lacked the funds to treat a rather sick, very matted dog. With one look, George decided William should be HIS dog and so we cajoled the shelter director into letting us take William and responsibility for his treatment off their hands. We got 6 years with the sweetest dog ever put on this earth. William never met a stranger and even on his final day, while battling cancer, greeted us with wags and affection. William was terrified of thunderstorms, gentle rainfall, the hose, the dark, Roxy the cat (with reason), firetrucks, and being alone. He aggressively disliked the sound of the UPS truck's engine and would bark to protect our home from it daily. William cherished snowfall, his canine siblings Salsa and Pep (who preceded him in death), the night butler service he enjoyed during the last month of his life, his bed, being on the couch, bellyrubs, and his humans, most of all George, who wishes he could have saved Willie a second time. We are all stunned and heartbroken. Sleep well, Sweet William. You were just a little boy. 💙