Thank You

On Friday 7/21 we had to put our dog down. I've had Taz since he was 6 weeks old and he was 17 when we had to let him go, he will be at your facility today from Creekside Animal Hospital. I wanted to thank you and I appreciate your services.

Thank You

We just wanted to say "thank you" for memorializing our sweet Abigail in such a special and beautiful way. We picked her up today from the vet, and the paw print was done so beautifully. The little cedar box she rests in is beautiful, too. We sat in the car and cried because it was such a beautiful memorial. We are so grateful that you provide this service for grieving pet parents. It helps to make the process so much easier. Thank you


On the behalf of the Warrington family we just want to say thank you so much. From the paw print in the mold to the urn our precious Gracie came in, we can tell it was all done and put together with respect and dignity that our precious Gracie deserved. Beautifully done, thank you again.


I deeply appreciate all the testimonials

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you provide to pet lovers like me. I am still find it very difficult to function like I use since the passing of ,u precious JJ. The cedar box is beautiful and I deeply appreciate all of your efforts to ease the pain. I have been reading the booklet you provided as well as all the testimonials on line and it does ease my pain.

Johnson, Jun 2017

You truly are pet angels too!!

I have used Pet Angel Memorial for my baby Jennyfur in Ft. Myers, FL in the past. I am now closer to the center in Pinellas Park. I just lost my 19 year old furry daughter, Selena on June 12, 2017. From the kindness and care from the veterinarian, to Andrew and Jo at the Pinellas Park facility, I thank all you involved in the final care of my child. Andrew and Jo were so kind, caring, and wonderful. They personalized every wish I had for Selena. They were very understanding when I called to find out certain things, like cremation time, etc. These questions were very important to me. Although I am devestated and severely heartbroken, these professionals, helped make this horrible transition somewhat easier because of their respect and kindness!!! Thanks again!! Bless you !!

Carolyn Sirchie, Jun 2017

Much gratitude

Dear Pet Angel, I would like to commend Andrew at the Pinelas Park, Fl. location. There was a mix up at the vets office on where my "baby" Nakila was to be sent. I recently relocated to St Croix and a few days before we left Nakila was unable to join us do to illness. Our wonderful friend and two boys took her in for us. We have been praying she would get better so we could have her home. Unfortunately this was not to be.

When I realized the mistake in the address I called the vets office only to be told, "it's not our fault". When I called Pet Angel, Andrew listened to my story, took ownership of the mistake, drove over an hour to pick up our baby, and overnighted her to us. This was one of the kindest most generous acts I have ever witnessed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for ensuring our baby made it home.


Richardson, Jun 2017

Overwhelmed by your service

Dear Pet Angel Specialists,
I have been wanting to write to you since March when my beloved dog "Bella" made her transition at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Murdock, FL. As I know you all will understand, it takes a long while to integrate the loss of your pet into your life and the emptiness that one feels on a daily basis.

Bella was a phenomenal Curly Coated Retriever who was a rescue dog. I rehomed Bella in 2006 and when she passed on March 19th she was an amazing 15years 7 months old!!! Bella had numerous health problems to overcome during her life, but she had a phenomenal will to live. Even with advanced cancer she kept going and was up every morning to see what fun the day might hold!

When I received the call from the Veterinary Emergency Clinic that Bella's ashes had been returned by your company I drove to pick "her" up in what I expected to be a small ordinary box. Needless to say, when I arrived back home I was just overwhelmed with joy when I saw the lovely cedar box, velvet bags with her ashes, certificate, the very special touch of her pawprint and the helpful booklet. Wow, you made a terribly sad situation seem manageable and although I knew Bella would forever be in my heart and mind, your loving care and attention to detail gave me something tangible to hold on to (literally) for those really difficult moments as I traversed the grief process.

My sincere appreciation to everyone involved in "taking care" of my Bella during her final stage in this journey of the physical realm that we call "life". As my dear friend who helped me get Bella in 2006 said, "It would be so nice if there were visiting rights at the Rainbow Bridge", but since not, everyone at Pet Angel has given me wonderful memories of my sweet Bella that will be with me forever.

Warmest regards from a grateful pet owner

Mage, Jun 2017

Can’t say thank you enough….

We lost our beloved dog Crockett a week ago Sunday. He suffered seizures for 18 months of his 4 year life, 9 since Easter. It wasn't an easy decision putting him down. Our vet assured us that we were in no way being cruel, but my husband and I felt we were making the wrong decision and carried a lot of guilt. We just picked Crockett's ashes, footprint frame, and clipping of hair. The best part of the package was your booklet that explains‚Äč the ways people grieve and why you shouldn't feel guilty but happy they aren't suffering. My family and I still mourn but thanks to our kind and compassionate veterinarian staff and your beautiful services, we were able (today) to finally feel less guilty and move on a bit more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Abel/Martin, May 2017

You are a blessing

We lost our beloved 12-year-old miniature schnauzer on Friday, April 21, 2017. It was one of the hardest days of our lives...she was with us almost every day. When we retired, we were so excited to get to travel with her and spend more time with her than we did when we were working. She made it with us for four years.
We decided to have her privately cremated and we just picked up our beautiful Pet Angel at the vet's office on Thursday. I cannot thank you enough for the loving care that I know went into taking care of our "baby". The paw print, the fur clipping, and her sweet bagged ashes........you did a wonderful job. I, too, felt guilty at having to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, but the booklet that you included really helped me see that I am not along in feeling the way that I feel. Losing a pet is not an easy thing to do, but you have preserved a part of her that we did not see in a previous pet. Thank you for this blessing.

Wagner, May 2017

Our Loss

Thank you so much for taking care of our loved ones. We recently brought them back home. The booklet included with their remains was very helpful to us. The guilt of letting them go was eating me alive. They've been with me for 16 years and making this decision was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Even though they were both very ill, I felt I had betrayed them. I didn't expect to find solace in the words of a pamphlet but it was very well written and thoughtful. Thank you for the comfort during our time of loss.
Veronica Smith - McNutt

Smith- McNutt, Feb 2017
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